How to Apply for PTCL New Connection

A guide about how to apply for a PTCL new connection.

If you are willing to install a PTCL new connection at your home or office, this guide will provide you with all the information regarding it.

Currently, PTCL is offering two types of internet connection based on the area, fiber GPON, and copper line. Check out the PTCL internet package prices before applying for the new PTCL connection. The Fiber GPON is the modern solid network structure that promises zero disconnection and constant fast speed.

New PTCL Connection Guide

  1. Call 1218 and order a new PTCL Connection.
  2. Within 24-72 hours, the PTCL technician will appear at your address.
  3. The technician will connect the line and the router will be installed.
  4. Keep the router connected for 24 hours.
  5. After 24 hours, the technician will come again and peer your router with the PTCL Server.


You can now enjoy the PTCL broadband internet.

Can I install two PTCL connections on my CNIC?

Yes, you can install more than one connection on your CNIC. The PTCL connection is based on the landline number. So, there can be two or more landline numbers issued on one CNIC.

I have shifted to a new home, whether I should apply for a new PTCL connection or transfer my old connection?

Both methods can be applied here. You can submit a transfer application or apply for a new connection.

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