PTCL Bill Online – Payment Methods

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited has always tried to pursue innovative techniques to facilitate its customers. To improve its billing process, the company has started an online billing system for its customers to allow them to pay and check their PTCL bill online. This helps the PTCL customers to pay, print, or download their bills. Here, we have discussed the method for PTCL bill inquiry and payment through debit card/ATM Card and Jazz cash.

Online via Credit/debit card/ATM Card

Click on the following button to redirect to the official PTCL website page for online billing. Follow the steps below to complete the procedure.


1 – Fill out the PTCL bill form available on top of this page and click on ” Pay Bill Now”.

2 – Select the service for which you have to pay the bill.

ptcl bill inquiry page

3 – Select/Write the respective details according to your chosen service. For example, for PTCL landline/Vfone postpaid, you have to select Area Code and write the Telephone Number and Click on “Inquire Bill”.

area code telephone number

4 – After that, bill information will be displayed on top of the page. Click on “Pay as Guest” or if you already have a PTCL account, then select “Pay the bill using PTCL Account”.

bill information pay as guest

5 – The final step is to Select the Payment option i.e Credit/Debit card payment. User can use their Atm card for this purpose. Most all ATM cards in Pakistan are required to activate internet banking via their official bank phone helpline number.

payment options select

Pay PTCL bill via Jazz Cash

Download the Jazz Cash application from the links below and follow the steps after that.

  1. Open the Jazz Cash app on your phone and click on the “Pay bills” tab.
  2. Select Telephone
  3. Select PTCL Landline(Same for Broadband Internet) or PTCL Vfone
  4. Put your consumer Number(Account ID) in the blank and click on next.
  5. Finally, your Bill Status will appear.

Users can also use the Jazz code to check and pay PTCL bills by dialing *786#. Simply select the “Pay bills” option and follow the instructions.

Check PTCL Bill without an Account ID or by Number

There are two methods to successfully do landline/broadband/Evo Bill check without an Account ID or using your number:

Find your Account ID on your original Bill.

Following is the picture of a random bill. The red spot is where the account ID is mentioned.

account id on ptcl bill

Account ID is a ten-digit number that is used to extract your ID/Password or create a new login. It is the easiest method as everyone has an old bill at home or they can print it out easily.

Online bill payment account:

This requires some details to create an e bill account. You can visit the above link and provide information regarding your telephone number, mobile number, account ID, Email Address, and name.

The benefit of Paying PTCL Bill Online

There are a number of benefits that come with paying your PTCL bill online. Firstly, it’s more convenient and easy than having to go through the hassle of going to an office or waiting in line. Secondly, you can avoid late payment penalties by paying on time. And lastly, it helps keep track of your expenses so you’re always aware of how much you’re spending each month on telecommunications services.

Bill Payment via Cash Payment Machines

Similarly, like ATM depositing machines, Public Cash Payment Machines (PCPMs) deposit cash for billing. As a result, customers can save their time by using the easy touch user interface available on these machines.

Landline, Internet and Wireless Billing

Landline and Broadband Internet billing charges consist of the phone line rent, local and internet call rates, broadband internet packages, and Add ons (Smart TV, etc). The Smart TV charges are included with the internet and depend on whether you have paid the full amount for the IPTV device or not.

EVO, Charji, and Vfone billing include the communication charges in accordance with internet data usage or post-paid package applied. Recently, PTCL has also added the telephone and internet setup charges, including the installation charges according to the reference number.

Important Notes

  • Provide a valid e-mail address. Thus, it will ensure that your monthly e-bill is regularly mailed.
  • Contemporary, the company provides you the facility to pay Bill conveniently via Upaisa Agent or Upaisa Wallet. In this case, you just have to provide your Area code & Landline number instead of the Account/reference number.
  • Unable to pay the bill for 3 months will result in a disconnection. To clarify, you have clear arrears to resume your connection.


In case of any complaint or question regarding the bill then use the Helpline Numbers. However, the customers can call anytime 24/7 for a PTCL complaint. Generally, the customer service is quite helpful. They will listen to your complaint or issue carefully and will try their best to resolve it.