Users can check PTCL Bill online via the following links. Furthermore, you can Print and Download the duplicate bill here.

(پی ٹی سی ایل کا بل پرنٹ اور ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں)

    What is PTCL Online Billing Service?

    The PTCL online billing service is an initiative from the company to facilitates its customer in checking their bill details online. The object is to provide billing for the DSL, GPON, Smart TV, Landline, and EVO customers. Customers can download and print duplicate bills if required.

    How to check PTCL Bill without an Account ID or by Number?

    There are two methods to successfully do landline/broadband/Evo Bill check without an Account ID or using your number:

    Finding your Account ID on your original Bill:

    Following is the picture of a random bill. The red spot is where the account ID is mentioned.

    Account ID is a ten-digit number that is used to extract your ID/Password or create a new login. It is the easiest method as everyone has an old bill at home or they can print it out easily.

    ptcl accound it bill example

    Create an online e-payment account:

    This requires some details to create an e bill account. You can visit the above link and provide information regarding your telephone number, mobile number, account ID, Email Address, and name.

    What is PTCL Duplicate Bill?

    The duplicate bill is the official copy of the PTCL original bill verified by the company. The purpose is to provide a copy of the bill for personal and official use. For example, if you are changing the address on your CNIC, the authorities will request the PTCL bill as evidence for your new address. For that purpose, the customer can submit a duplicate copy of the bill. In other circumstances, like canceling the phone or internet connection, the company’s policy requires attachment of the previous bill.

    Pakistan Telecommunication Limited offers a duplicate bill for its Landline and Wireless telecom-related services.

    It must be noted that the PTCL bill copy is downloaded in a pdf format. We recommend downloading Acrobat Reader to open the pdf bill file.



    Similarly, like ATM depositing machines, Public Cash Payment Machines (PCPMs) deposit cash for billing. As a result, customers can save their time by using the easy touch user interface available on these machines.

    Here is the list of All the Cities and Addresses that have Public Cash Payment Machines (PCPMs).


    • Provide a valid e-mail address. Thus, it will ensure that your monthly e-bill is regularly mailed.
    • Contemporary, the company provides you the facility to pay Bill conveniently via Upaisa Agent or Upaisa Wallet. In this case, you just have to provide your Area code & Landline number instead of the Account/reference number.
    • Unable to pay the bill for 3 months will result in a disconnection. To clarify, you have clear arrears to resume your connection.


    In case of any complaint or question regarding the bill then use the Helpline Numbers. However, the customers can call anytime 24/7 for a PTCL complaint. Generally, the customer service is quite helpful. They will listen to your complaint or issue carefully and will try their best to resolve it.

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