The PTCL Bill is an online platform for Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. They have a monthly billing service for its customers.

The company offers internet, phone calls, and IPTV services. The internet includes broadband on copper wire and Fiber Optic high-speed internet. The packages are for both residential and commercial users. There are also economical PTCL internet packages for students. PTCL also provides wireless internet on EVO devices. The Phone calling service is an add on with the internet. Recently, CarFi Evo device had been introduced.


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Note: The Website is not an official representation of PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited).

ptcl online bill

How can I check my PTCL bill online?

The PTCL bill is either dispatched to your address or e-mailed. On the bill form, you can find the STN number and company’s NTS number. There is the issue date mention in the left corner. The important part is the Bill summary. There you can see the charges regarding the voice, Fixed broadband, Evo, Smart TV, and other value-added services. Adjustments and discounts are also displayed. After that, there are arrears, credit and different types of taxes enrolled and charged.

The telephone, TV, Internet and EVO charges are displayed in separate boxes. Your activated services will show the monthly amount in front of it. There is also a section for Billed/paid history. That shows the last six-month payment history.

It is recommended that you must provide a valid e-mail address to PTCL. This will ensure that your monthly e-bill is regularly mailed.

Now the company provides you the facility to pay PTCL Bills conveniently via Upaisa Agent or Upaisa Wallet. In this case, you just have to provide your Area code & Landline number instead of Account/reference number.

If you are unable to pay the bill for 3 months then the connection will be disconnected till the arrears are cleared.

PTCL Duplicate Bill (DBill)

The PTCL duplicate bill print out is available. Check the PTCL online bill of your landline and Evo device. Get a copy of PTCL DBill and pay it to avoid any disconnection.

The service was initiated by Pakistan telecommunication company limited to overcome problems regarding the billing process. The online duplicate Bill PTCL copy is in PDF format.

ptcl duplicate bill

There is mainly two online Billing Service. One is for LandLine and the other is to pay Evo devices Bill

Use the following links to get access to Landline or Evo duplicate bill.

Don’t have an account ID? Check the PTCL bill without an account ID or by using your Telephone Number.

You must have a PDF reader to see your duplicate Bill copy. The PTCL Dbill is in PDF format. it is recommended to have Acrobat Reader. You can use other PDF readers too.

PTCL Online Bill Payment through e machine

The new billing through electronic machines had been introduced. These are online connected cash depositing machines. You can found these at exchange offices or shop stops. It’s the same as ATM depositing machines. Customers can save their time by using the easy touch user interface.

Company History

ptcl history

PTCL was once a fully owned Government corporation. Now the state has 60% of the shares. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited used to offers dial-up internet with a maximum of 54kbps speed. It later introduced High-Speed broadband internet on the copper landline. The first package they introduced had speed up to 250 Kbps. It was a game-changer for Internet technology in Pakistan. It enjoyed huge success among corporate and home users.

Current Services


The new Fiber GPON provides internet speed up to 100 Mbps. Wireless broadband devices have also received improvement. The minimum PTCL internet package is now of 6 Mbps.

Are you getting the company’s promised speed or not? Check it out from the PTCL Speed Test.

PTCL is also unbeatable in prices. Their internet packages are the cheapest in Pakistan. Starting as low as Rs.1300 for an unlimited download. Packages like Freedom internet package do not include line rent.

4G wireless broadband EVO devices are quite popular among students living in hostels, businessmen, and travelers. EVO device provides good download speed with the ease of portability.

PTCL’S Smart TV service is the best alternative to the traditional cable network system. The PTCL Smart TV packages start from RS.500 depending on the number of Television sets.

If you have any complain or question use Helpline Numbers.

Customers can call anytime 24/7. The customer service is quite helpful. They will listen to your complaint or issue carefully and will try their best to resolve it.


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