PTCL Internet Packages

PTCL Internet packages for home and office users. These are the popular broadband and fiber internet packages. The broadband DSL offer is available in all the cities and towns of Pakistan.

The details regarding the high-speed broadband internet from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps speed are displayed below.

PTCL Internet Packages 2020 – DSL and Fiber GPON

Package Volume Features Price
6 Mbps UnlimitedFreedom Unlimited
Smart TV APP
VAS bundle
10 Mbps Unlimited Freedom Unlimited
Smart TV APP
VAS bundle
20 Mbps Unlimited Freedom Unlimited
Smart TV APP
VAS bundle
50 Mbps Unlimited Freedom Unlimited
Smart TV APP
VAS bundle
100 Mbps Unlimited Freedom Unlimited
Smart TV APP
VAS bundle

Want to check the current speed of your internet connection? Try the PTCL speed test.

There are several PTCL internet packages at affordable prices. Most of the connections are installed with advance billing and zero installation charges.

  • New Fiber to the Home (GPON) connection installation charges is upfront PKR. 11,999/-
  • Better Check before applying as GPON is available in a few selected areas. Call helpline for details.
  • The above packages are also available in some other few selected revamped exchanges as well as for DSL/VDSL.
  • Terms and Taxes will apply. For further details, click here
  • New Broadband over existing Landline: Rs. 2,499 inclusive of Tax.
  • New Double Play (Landline+Broadband): Rs. 3,999 inclusive of Tax.

Optic Fiber Connection Features

  • GPON Fiber optic connectivity that enables super-fast and consistent internet service.
  • Speed ranging from 10Mbps to 100 Mbps.
  • VDSL AND DSL enabled service
  • 4k Video Capability and high frame multiplayer gaming.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Smart TV App
  • Free Unlimited On-net Calls

How can I get PTCL internet connection?

Call 1218 or visit PTCL Shops and PTCL Retail Outlet to order PTCL internet packages.There are also other DSL internet providers in Pakistan. If you want a good alternative to PTCL then we recommend Transworld. Check out the transworld internet packages for details.

Is PTCL unlimited package really unlimited?

Yes, PTCL offers unlimited download and upload broadband internet to its users. There are no cap limits on any of the PTCL internet packages. However, the package is named after its download speed. The upload speed is quite less. For example, the 6 Mbps download speed package provides 1 Mbps upload speed.

How much does PTCL Smart TV cost?

PTCL Smart TV is available on every PTCL DSL and Fiber GPON package. There are installation charges along with monthly fees of Rs.499/- (exclusive of tax). Further detail can be checked on the PTCL Smart TV package page.

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