How To disconnect the PTCL connection?

This is a guide about how to disconnect the PTCL connection. There is also a PTCL Disconnection application sample for download.

The process of getting the PTCL connection for the internet, smart TV, or landline is easy. It just requires you to dial the PTCL helpline number or submit the connection form on the official website. But for disconnection, the process is not that easy. There are a few things you should keep in mind because in a hurry you may delay the disconnection process resulting in load-up arrears charges.

Things Required

  1. Application

This is essential if someone other than the connection owner is visiting the PTCL office for disconnection. They will need the PTCL disconnection application form addressed to the “PTCL business Manager”. You can download the PTCL disconnection application sample from the following link:

Download Application Sample

2. ID Copies

Owner National Identity Card Copies are required and will be attached to the application form.

3. Router

You have to submit the router installed with your connection. The power adapter should also be given back.

Steps to Disconnect the PTCL Connection

  1. Visit a nearby PTCL office with the router, ID copies, and Application form(If required).
  2. The officer will ask you the reason why you want to disconnect the connection. This question is just asked to fill up the feedback form.
  3. The officer will tell you about the remaining charges, which you have to pay right on the spot.
  4. After taking all the required items from you, the officer will fill out a new form.
  5. After completing the form, the PTCL officer will give you the receipt of the new form.

Done. It will take about 24-72 hours to process your application.

Note: The receiving receipt will be kept safely for a claim in case of any issue at the end of PTCL.

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  1. Nihayet Hi Bakwaas Tareen System Rakha Howa Hy. . .
    Internet Provide Kar Rahy Hain But Still Not Upgraded, Wohi Old School K Parhy Bacho Ki Tarah Offices K Chakkar Aur Lines Mein Lagwaty Hain. . .
    Aur, New Connection Lagwanay Par B Huge Charges With Fuzool Services & Connection Cutwany Par Huge Charges With Zalalat. . .
    For GOD Sake. Bas Kar Dein. . .
    Pakistan Mein Dosry Internet Providers B Aa Chukay Hain, To Abhi Aap Ko Apni Services Better Karni Chahiye & Charges Should Be Reduced. . .
    500Rs. To Services Charge Rakhy Howe Hain Bill Mein, Aisi Service Jo Bilkul Humary Kaam Ki Nahi. . .
    Kaash K Aap Connection Cutwany K Koi Charges Naa Rakhy Hoty, To Aap Dekhty K Within 1 Month Kitny Connection Utar Chukay Hoty. . . ?

  2. Why would we pay remaining bill jab internet ta he nahi ? Or router ??‍♂️ Ajeb log ho kab say na net hay na phone or bill bajay jarahay ho cut e nae karta khud he karu band

  3. PTCL connection achy but service and staff are very bed service means jo b process karni ho toh like 1950 jesa old tareka

    • Could you kindly check whether the router supplied to me with 04236654192 (Lahore) is on rent or was paid by me.
      Contact :03334376889
      Whatsapp 03245058837

  4. My ptcl line and Internet from 10 days not proper working .
    Many time I enter complain by online and on helpline number but not response.
    Now I want Disconnection.
    Guide me. can I apply online.

  5. Staff sitting in the PTCL or any of Govt.’s offices should be hanged till death. These lifeless bastards are systematically destroying our Pakistan. These dumb motherduckers need to change their mindsets that they are SERVENTS of us civilians not our masters.

  6. Aslam-o-Alakum
    main apna PTCL Connection Disconnect karwana cahta ho par mare pass Jis ke name ka Connection ha us ke ID ke copy nahi ha. Aur mujh ko wo nahi mil sakti.
    Please Advice kare k main yeh kase disconnect karwa sakta ho

  7. Extremely nonsense service. Collecting Jagga tax from people. Service is Zero and charging like Hero.
    If you make a call for service, you will get the service, but if you want to get rid of this Bakwas Service, you will have to pray. there are much better ISPs in Pakistan than PTCL expensive services.

  8. Puraa System Ka System He Chutiaa He Aby Bhai Jab Tumny Hamara connection cut krdia khud phr har mahine bill qu bhejty???
    Na Net Chalta He Na Phone Pr Tumari bandon ki Har mahine call chalti he Sir apna Bill Deen Bossri Walon Kiss Chez ka Bil Mang rhy ho?

  9. Hi
    I want to disconnect the PTCL connection that is registered by my name. The reason is for disconnecting is that am out of country now and i don’t (do not) want to still remain on this connection by my name.
    Please tell the process for overseas that how they disconnect their connection without coming by himself in your branch?

  10. I want my landline to be disconnected. It was allotted to my late mother. She passed away before her CNIC was made. I have her old NIC. Please guide me on how I can get my landline disconnected. The application form is not available at the link given above.

  11. Ptcl service and staff are old dated need a upgrade
    This connection is Headache only
    Bhai 400 wala package Kar lo par yeh connection nhn lagwaoo I request very bad experience

  12. This company whether in Pakistan or Bangladesh PTCL/BTCL should remove the P/B and call itself DTCL Dajjal/Dohka Telecommunication Limited. Curse of Allah Upon Them Till Eternity!

  13. After discontinued Ptcl service due unpaid bill why I am paying next month bill along with arears, service unavailable the whole month!

  14. I am living abroad. How do I disconnect the internet and landline? Kindly guide me.

    Is there any online PTCL portal to disconnect the connection?

  15. Aoa
    Intahi Bakwas Service Ha PTCL ki Hamny Suna Tha Competiton Jab bhi Ajaye Loog Better Quality Provide Krna Shuru Krdety Hain Not In Case of PTCL Jab Marzi Net Theek Arha Hta Jab Marzi Signals Drop Hojaty hain .. Next Room (from where we have rounter installed) usme to Allah ka Krm e ha Signals hty nai mostly ..

  16. My landline no. 02136616086 is out of service (no tone…dead line) and despite complaints.
    Phone is dead for more than 2 years (yes more than 2 years).
    And no technician from ptcl bothered to attend/visit to repair.
    ▪︎What to do? Who to blame?

  17. Hey Looking for the worst Internet service provider
    then congrats you contacted PTCL!

    Even its Fiber optic it still going to show its reality with constant disconnection and low speed internet now upto 0.01 mbps lowest possible with high charges cause its the new “FLASH FIBER”

  18. Service to bad hai hi, Lekin apka staff ko select krny ka criteria kya hota h? Intahi Nkammy log betha detay hein app. Very pathetic service and poor staff.

  19. I have been using PTCl smart TV, internet and phone Services for the last so many years. As per my experience PTCL is providing the worst services. I have become sick of Frequent disconnection, and slow browsing problems, and hence now I am going to unsubscribe PTCL.

  20. There are 42 illegal PTCL phone connections are registered against my CNIC, as my actual phone connection is only one. What is the process of disconnecting the illegal phone connections?

  21. the close of connection is not easy method, if u bring all papers, the ptcl man bring new thing for u,
    they want u visit office again and again,
    because ur free for them.
    no important of time.

  22. اگر آپ یہ سمجھتے ھیں کہ ان کی انٹرنیٹ سروس کبھی نا کبھی اچھی ھو سکتی ھے تو یہ آپ کی بھول ھے۔کیوں کہ ان کو چوری کی عادت پڑ چکی ھے۔ اور چور چوری سے جائے لیکن ہیرا پھیری سے نہ جاۓ۔

  23. Me ny PTCL Flash Fibre lagwaya hy. Aur purana internet connection disconnect kewaana hy. Us k liye lineman keh raha tha k apna router submit krwana hga. Jo k abhi 2 months phly new liya tha 4000 bill me lag k aya tha uska. To wo hum ny wapis kyu krna hy? Wo to ab hmri property hui na. Aur jo purana router tha wo bhi wapis ly gaye thy jab new router lagaya tha. Ye kch smjh nh aya. Koi explain krdy ye logic!


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