How to apply for the free PTCL Smart TV service with your old STB device?

If you have PTCL Smart device for more than 3 years, then there is no need of returning it to PTCL. After 30 months, the device becomes your property as you have paid all the required installments(300 rupees per month).

The benefit of this is that you can use your SmartTV device with your new PTCL internet connection.

This is even better as at the moment, PTCL is offering free PTCL Smart TV service on all Fiber Internet packages starting from 8 Mbps. With the old STB device, you can save on device cost which is now worth Rs.6,000/- (according to the official PTCL website).

Method to apply for the Free Smart TV Service with your old device

  1. Call 1236.
  2. Select language.
  3. Dial your Phone Number.
  4. Select the option to apply for the new PTCL SmartTV service.
  5. Tell the PTCL representative that you need to activate the PTCL smart tv service on your internet connection with your old PTCL Smart TV Set Top Box (STB).
  6. PTCL Representative will require the Serial Number of the device to activate the service. Note: The Serial Number is written on the back PTCL Smart TV Set Top Box (STB).
  7. That’s it. It will take 3-5 working days for a PTCL technical staff to visit your home and set up the device with your internet connection.

If you have any queries regarding this, then you are free to comment below.

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