How to improve your PTCL internet speed?

Tips to improve your PTCL internet speed. Boost your PTCL internet Speed by applying these simple tips.

The major problem for internet users in Pakistan is slow speed. There are various reasons that cause slow browsing, video streaming, etc. Some problems are at the end of the Company. For example ” bad wiring in your housing society”

But there are a few things that you can do to increase your PTCL Wi-Fi Internet Speed.

Before you read the tips, use the PTCL Speed Test from our embedded servers. What are the results? Are you getting the promised speed or not?

How To Speed Up Your Slow PTCL Internet Wi-Fi Connection?

  • Use high-quality copper wire or replace the copper wire with fiber wiring.
  • Use proper DNS record-setting for your modem or use Google DNS record
  • Use one more router to wireless bridge with the PTCL main router. This will distribute the user effectively and will enhance the wifi range.
  • Don’t power any device from the same electric socket where the PTCL router is attached. This helps in fixing the disconnection problem.
  • Avoid any joint in the wire.

These tips will improve your PTCL internet speed. If you want to share an experience or want to share any tips, use the comment section below.

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