How to Pay Visible Bill

Visible is the wireless cell phone service that operates under Verizon Communications. It focuses on digital telecom offering wireless internet, calling, texts, and hotspot plans. Customers can pay their Visible bill using any payment options discussed below. This includes online payment, via mobile app, etc. Also, the users can use their credit card/debit card, PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay to pay the bill.

Visible Bill Payment Online – My Account

This requires signing into the Visible account and making the payment.

Here are the steps to pay Visible bill online by account:

  1. Login to the Visible account.
  2. Go to the “Next Payment” section under Overview.
  3. Select “Pay Now”.
  4. Follow the instructions which include confirming the payment methods.

Customers can use their credit card, debit card, or PayPal account to complete the payment.

Pay Visible Bill by App

Download the Visible official app for the bill payment using your smartphone.


  1. Set up the app with your Visible account.
  2. Go to Account Overview.
  3. Tap on “Manage Payments”.
  4. Add a Card or choose the other payment source.

Similar to the online(my account), the app also accepts payment from credit, and debit cards and PayPal.

Visible Bill Pay Bill Using Venmo

Venomo is a digital wallet that makes it easy for everyone to pay bill charges. Fortunately, Visible customers can use Venmo to pay the bill.


  1. Login to your Visible Account.
  2. Go to “Manage Payment” under the Overview section.
  3. Select Venmo, click again, and scan the QR code with your phone.
  4. Follow the instructions to set up the Venmo account.

How to Setup Autopay for Venmo Bill Payment?

Auto-Pay is the best option for individuals who don’t want to worry about getting their service disconnected because of not paying the bill on time. In some cases, there are also late fee penalties.

So, here I will guide you on how to set up the autopay for Visible via an online account or app.

via App:

  1. Open Visible App.
  2. Go to “Account“.
  3. Under Privacy Policy, there is a switch displaying “Autopay my monthly membership fee”.
  4. Turn it blue to enable Autopay.

via My Account

  1. Sign into your Visible account.
  2. Go to “Next Payment” under the Overview section.
  3. Tick Mark the AutoPay check box.

How to Check Bill Payment History?

Customers can check the Visible bill payment history by logging into the account or from the mobile App. You can find the history in the Account Section.

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