Netflix PTCL Registration without Credit/Debit Card

The Netflix PTCL is offering registration on your existing broadband internet connections. There is no need for a Credit or Debit card for the PTCL Netflix offer.

Netflix is the world’s biggest movie streaming platform. Users can watch movies from around the world. There are also Netflix exclusive dramas, shows, and movies.

Although the trend is still catching up, Pakistan has immense potential for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video Prime. In recent times Netflix has invested in Pakistani content. This is the reason why we can see a lot of latest Pakistani movies and dramas inclusion on Netflix. This is beneficial for the Pakistani filmmakers who are caught up in the dilemma of the commercial movie. Creative work will be pushed and the overall image of the country will improve.

There is the link below that allows you to register for NETFLIX PTCL services. Use the link and enjoy streaming content for the whole month.


NetFlix PTCL Packages

Netflix for Ptcl users is not free. There are subscription charges according to three different plans.

Basic plan Rs. 950 per month
Standard Plan Rs. 1200 per month
Premium Plan Rs. 1500 per month

Netflix’s basic plan doesn’t support high definition viewing and its programs can only be watched on one screen at a time. This means one user at a time.

The standard offers HD videos and allows for two simultaneous viewings.

The premium plan includes the ability to watch four screens at the same time. It’s also the only package that offers a 4K viewing option.

Terms and Conditions

  1. With Netflix you can watch your favorite on-demand TV Shows, Movies, Original Netflix Critically acclaimed content & more from the largest online streaming service in the world.
  2. You can even download your shows on your smartphones or tablets to watch later offline, at your convenience.
  3. PTCL provides its subscribers with Netflix, through an easy, user-friendly sign-up process and you get billed for Netflix in your monthly PTCL bill.
  4. With PTCL you don’t need to worry about exhausting your volume quota while streaming Netflix. Sit back, relax & stream to your heart’s content with our truly unlimited broadband plans.
  5. With this subscription, you can subscribe to the Netflix Basic plan for Rs. 950 per month, Standard Plan for Rs. 1200 and the Premium Plan for Rs. 1500 per month.
  6. You will be billed for your Netflix service monthly alongside your PTCL invoice based on your Netflix plan.
  7. You will be billed for your Netflix service monthly alongside your PTCL invoice based on your Netflix plan, once the free access period from PTCL expires.
  8. In case you wish to Unsubscribe/Cancel your Netflix subscription, please follow the steps outlined below:
  9. Only One Netflix subscription per PTCL Account is permitted.
  10. You will need to use your own device to watch Netflix i.e Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV, Laptop, etc.
  11. For Netflix terms, Check out here:

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