C Spire Bill

C Spire (Cellular South) is a telecom company providing wireless voice and data, home internet, cloud, and IT services. They mainly operate in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle. Here on this page, you will find all the payment options for the C Spire pay bill.

7 Ways to Pay C Spire Bill

You can pay the C Spire bill by using their app, by text, express pay, auto-pay, by phone, via checkfreepay.com, or by visiting their nearby store.

C Spire App

Download the C Spire app to pay your bill. The bill is available for both Android and iOS users. Sign in using your account and then go to the payment section to clear the bill.

Express Pay

There is no requirement to sign in for paying the C Spire using the express payment. This is similar to guest pay where your mobile number or account number is required. Express pay is available for both C Spire Wireless and Home Internet users.

Link: https://www.cspire.com/my_account/personal/express-pay/

Auto Pay

Steps to activate Auto Pay for C Spire Billing:

  1. Sign in to the C Spire online account.
  2. Look for the “AutoPay & Paperless Billing” module on your account dashboard. Select “AutoPay” and then choose your payment method: Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account.
  3. Provide the email address where you want to receive your monthly billing emails and input your payment information.
  4. Confirm that your email address and payment details are correct.
  5. Agree to the AutoPay and Paperless Billing Terms and Conditions.
  6. Review the AutoPay payment information. If everything is correct, click “Set as AutoPay Source”. A confirmation message will appear once the setup is complete.
  7. After returning to your account dashboard, you’ll receive a confirmation message about your AutoPay enrollment, along with the date when your payment will be drafted.

Note: To modify how you receive your bill (example: switch back to paper billing), you can adjust your billing method in Account Settings.

C Spire Bill Pay by Text

Here’s a step-by-step guide in Pay C Spire bill By Text:

  1. Sign in to your C Spire online account or download the My C Spire app.
  2. In your online account, navigate to the “Manage Your Payments” section on the dashboard and choose “Pay By Text”. In the app, tap on “AutoPay or Pay By Text”.
  3. Enter your email address and the details of the credit or debit card you wish to use for payments. If you’ve previously saved card information, it may already be populated.
  4. Review and agree to the terms for paying by text message.
  5. Review the entered information and, if correct, select the “Set as AutoPay Source” option. You’ll receive a confirmation message after completing the setup.
  6. If you’re using the app, select “Pay By Text” as your preferred payment option, enter your payment information, and tap “SUBMIT”.
  7. Once you’ve set up Pay By Text, you’ll receive a confirmation message.

Remember, you can update or cancel Pay By Text at any time by editing your information in your online account or the My C Spire app.

Payment by Phone

Dial #PAY (#7290) from your C Spire phone to start the bill payment process. You can use your debit or credit card to pay bill by phone.

By Store

Visit any nearby C Spire store to pay your bill. You can find the store location from below:


CheckFreePay Location

C Spire bill payments can also be done on CheckFreePay locations. Go to CheckFreePay website to find any nearby location.

Final Thought

C Spire offers customers a variety of payment options, including the C Spire app, express pay, auto-pay, phone payments, in-store payments, and CheckFreePay locations. These flexible payment options show that C Spire wants to provide a smooth billing experience for customers. If still you face any issue regarding C Spire bill pay, you can reach out to them via 1 (855) 277-4735.

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